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2015 CNC Workshop

Previous CNC workshops had very successful build classes. A build class lets the students build a working, bench top CNC machine. Led by an experienced instructor a selection of a machine along with appropriate controls, motors, mechanical components and software is purchased. The student can be confident all the components will work together to build a successful machine. Build classes require pre-payment of the system cost. Shipping charges are included in the price. Students are responsible for getting the completed system from the workshop to their home.

Students should bring a simple kit of hand tools to the session such as screwdrivers, pliers, allen keys, small wrenches, nut drivers, etc. If additional tools are needed students will be notified before the session.

A computer will be necessary for checking out the system, and the class will include training on the use of the machine. A laptop is probably the easiest PC to bring, but a desktop can be accommodated if needed. Exact PC requirements will be provided before the session.

NOTE: Build classes start Monday June 6th and registration includes admission to the main CNC Workshop beginning Wednesday June 8th.

This year we will be offering these build classes:

AUTO1 3D Printer
  • 3D Printer
  • Autotroph returns to the CNC workshop with their popular AUTO1 3D printer. See the winter 2015 issue of Digital Machinist magazine for the 3rd part of an installment series covering the assembly and operation of one of these machines. Enrollment is limited to 20 students, so sign up early!

    In this turnkey, 2-day workshop package you will receive expert instruction and guidance as you construct your own 3D printer from a kit and learn to operate it.

    The AUTO1 is a delta-type printer based on the popular RepRap Kossel design. It combines all the advantages of the open source hardware and software world with the low cost and convenience of a well-prepared kit package with many incremental improvements. It is a fast, reliable, and precise printer.

    The design uses three steppers to rapidly and precisely position a very lightweight nozzle over the mirrored print bed. A quick-release filament extruder makes changing filament a fast and simple operation, and its temperature-controlled fan for the nozzle prevents overheating.

    Kit comes with a complete assembly and calibration manual, with more support available on-line. The printer can be controlled with a laptop via a USB 2.0 connection or in a stand-alone mode using an SD card for file storage.

  • CNC Lathe
  • Joe Katona and Ron Ginger return from last year's CNC Mini Mill build to guide students through the conversion of a high quality, bench top lathe to CNC control. The machine will feature CNC threading capabilities, a unique feature for such a low cost, bench top CNC lathe. A lathe conversion is a first for the CNC workshop and will be quite popular. Enrollment is limited to 12 spots so don't miss out!

    CNC Lathe

    Features Include:

    • Based on the Little Machine Shop 7 X 16 Mini Lathe
    • 2-axis lathe operation with threading
    • Ball screws (preloaded) on all axes
    • Travel is the same as the base, manual lathe
    • Mach 4 machine control software
    • Pokey controller with laptop operation
    • Spindle on/off and speed control
    • Limit switch and Home switch
CNC Router
  • CNC Router
  • In this workshop you will build your own high quality, all metal benchtop CNC router from a kit. Receive expert instruction and guidance directly from the staff of the kit manufacturer,, as you assemble and learn to operate your new machine. This is a 2-day course held at TechShop Detroit prior to the 2016 CNC Workshop. To take this course please reserve your seat here (includes admission to the full CNC Workshop) and follow the instructions below to purchase your machine kit directly from

    Choose from one of two models to build:

    1. The Benchtop Standard (25" x 25" work area)
    2. Who this machine is for:

      Intended for makers, woodworkers, and production shops looking for a sturdy benchtop CNC machine to process hardwood, plastic, and occasional aluminum jobs.

    3. The Benchtop PRO (25" x 25" work area)
    4. Who this machine is for:

      Aimed at makers and heavy-duty/continuous operation production shops looking for a industrial benchtop CNC machine with the power and accuracy of dual ballscrew drive, ease of assembly, and high up-time / low maintenance requirements.